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Solutions To Improve Our Thinking, Learning, Leading, and Ultimately Our Living

Give Your Child Every Advantage 

Looking for solutions to help your child improve his or her thinking and learning skills? According to the National Education Association, research has proven that children whose parents and guardians are consistently involved in their education:

  • Perform better on exams
  • Earn better grades overall
  • Pass classes and earn credits more consistently
  • Adapt and transition well to school environments
  • Tend to finish high school & study at the university level

But you probably suspected this was the case already, right? And when you think about it, it makes sense given that you know your child better than anyone and you want them to achieve all that they are capable of achieving. Of course your involvement is important to your child's learning success. Now you just need someone to tell you what you need to know to begin coaching your child to better learning. And maybe you'd like to connect with other parents who are doing the same thing. Does that sound about right? If so, this camp is exactly what you're looking for! 

The Private School For Parents is designed to assist parents who want to coach their children in the development of effective and efficient thinking and learning skills. In this program, we use common everyday language to address topics such as:

  • Is all learning the same?
  • What are your child's individual learning preferences?
  • Do we all have personal learning preferences and approaches?
  • How can I communicate effectively with my child's teacher?
  • How do I know if my child is truly learning?
  • Who's in control?
  • How does dependence/independence influence thinking and learning?

Why Choose Our Program?

We have over 20 years experience helping learners learn better. We've packaged that experience to get it to learners as soon as possible--via their parents. Our approach doesn’t just give you access to great information. We support your child’s long-term success by providing:

  • Skills
  • Training
  • Empowerment
  • Practice
  • Underlying Principles

The underlying principles are the key to sustained success. With our support, you can take control of your child's future. You will be able to help your child not just kindergarten through high school, but well into his or her career.

BONUS: When you enroll in The Private School For Parents, you'll get access to all 16 of our courses for parents at a savings of over $100. You will get access to a new course every 2 to 4 weeks throughout your year-long membership.

BONUS: You will quickly see that this program will benefit you and your career so that you can achieve more, better, faster while teaching your child to achieve.

BONUS: In addition to skills, training, practice, etc.; we provide true stories of success and how others have overcome any obstacles met along the way.

The Private School For Parents

What Parents & Teachers Are Saying 

With this information, a parent can listen to their children's questions, prompt conversations and activities, and understand what's happening in their classroom like they never did before. The information Dr. Downing shares plus the insights she offers for how to help children think and learn can significantly impact a child's interest and success in school.

D. Harrison

In this program, Carla offers sound advice for any parent of a K-12 student. Your understanding and application of the basic principles she presents will allow you to gain a better perspective regarding your child's educational experiences and equip you to be more helpful in advising them and increasing their growth toward becoming independent, capable learners.

R. Kirby

Understanding your kid is not so easy. And trying to understand how your kid learns is even more difficult. Carla has put forth this course on the thinking, studying and learning methodologies by different individuals. After taking this course, you should be in a position to fit into the shoes of your kid, this in turn would help you to accordingly tweak your actionable steps. A friendly learning environment between the parent and child is a must for the child's accelerated cognitive improvement and happiness.

S. Mohhamed

Dr. Downing has artfully arranged the 10 things every parent should know to support their child's learning. The concepts are presented in plain English, which make them easy to understand and apply. I recommend this to all who want to help support their child's learning & development. This course is worth your time!

J. Lumsden

This course from Carla A Downing is a blessing from the Gods!

I appreciate the great lengths she's gone to, to help me explore how my children may learn best. Carla's simplified a huge topic into a succinct and actionable course! (even for the most hectic lifestyles)... Her delivery is SO eloquent, engaging & encouraging. The follow up discussions are just as short, fun & exciting too! I will share this with every parent I know!!!

Thank you, 

Mr RH (daddy of 2)

The Private School For Parents